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The Secrets History of Colloidal Silver

by Chad Timms May 16, 2021 2 min read

The Secret History of Colloidal Silver

Silver is in use for a long time dating back to the pre-historic era. While the find must almost definitely have been of native silver, we do not know who made it. Local silver metal nuggets can be present in rocks and ponds, although they are uncommon.

Silver is a naturally occurring ingredient present in whole grains, medicinal and edible mushrooms, mammalian milk, spring water, seawater, and tap water. Silver is in use since the pre-historic times for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years.

Ancient civilizations

Ancient civilizations such as Greece, Egypt, Macedonia, Phoenicia, and Rome used silver to keep their immune systems healthy. To save water, wine, and vinegar from spoiling, Phoenicians kept them in silver bottles.

Middle ages

Rich parents offered silver spoons to babies as christening gifts in the Middle Ages.

Even Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine," wrote in his medicinal documents that silver had healing and anti-disease powers, praising it for its tissue regeneration and wound healing ability.

Pre-Industrial & Industrial era

Prior to the invention of antibiotic medications, silver was one of the few antimicrobial treatments available. Silver nitrate was used to treat cuts and skin ulcers by the 1800s. Even sutures made of fine silver wires were found to help regenerate repaired skin in 1852.

Colloidal silver was the favorite preference of doctors in the 1930s for boosting the immune system and assisting the body's natural healing mechanism. Besides, on the battlefields of World War I, silver was one of the best ingredients for the first aid kit of a medic. It is because of its property to cure infections. However, people do not use silver that much today because of the availability of antibiotics.

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Modern world

Since 1968, burn centers around the world have used silver-based Sulfadiazine as the standard of treatment. Today, people are looking for more sustainable options to help their health and well-being, and silver is seeing a revival. In fact, NASA accepted the use of a silver-based water purification device onboard the International Space Station.

Chad Timms
Chad Timms

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