Guide to Buying Colloidal Copper

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Colloidal copper supplements are used to treat various health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and others.

However, choosing the right colloidal copper supplement can be tricky. There are several factors to consider when buying one.

In this article, we'll go over those factors and give you tips on how to choose the right colloidal copper supplements.

What Type of Colloidal Copper Should I Buy?

There are two types of colloidal copper supplements: liquid and tablet. Liquid colloidal copper supplements come in dropper bottles and are usually recommended for daily usage. Tablet colloidal copper supplements are easier to swallow and are recommended for occasional usage.

Liquid colloidal copper supplements contain small particles of copper suspended in water. They are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the stomach lining. This makes them effective against certain diseases such as arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.

Other things to consider include the following:

• Avoid drinking alcohol while taking colloidal copper supplements. Alcohol interferes with the absorption of the nutrients in the supplements.

• Don't mix colloidal copper supplements with iron supplements. Iron competes with copper for absorption.

While there are many different types of colloidal copper supplements on the market, they can be broadly divided into two categories: those that are made with nanotechnology and those that are not. Nanotechnology is a process by which particles of copper are reduced to an incredibly small size, allowing them to be absorbed more readily by the body. Non-nanotechnology products may be less expensive, but they are also less effective. When choosing a colloidal copper supplement, be sure to choose one that is made with nanotechnology for the best results.

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Guide to Buying Colloidal Copper


Guide to Buying Colloidal Copper

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