Shopping for Essiac Tea

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Essiac tea is a natural remedy for cancer patients.

When choosing essiac tea, consider the following points:

• Read the label carefully. Many companies sell essiac tea that contains sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring agents. These ingredients are unnecessary and potentially harmful.

• Make sure that the company's product is made from organic herbs.

• Avoid buying essiac teas labeled as "cancer cure" or "cure for cancer."

• Check the expiration dates on the packages.

• Consider purchasing bulk quantities of essiac tea. This allows you to save money while ensuring quality control.

• Ask friends and relatives whether they have tried essiac tea. Their recommendations can provide valuable insight.

• Visit the website of the company selling the product. This provides information about the manufacturer, including contact details, nutritional facts, and customer testimonials.

• Contact the company directly to inquire about the source of the herbs used in the product.

However, consult your doctor before consuming essiac tea during pregnancy.

Essiac tea is a natural remedy for cancer patients. When choosing essiac tea, it is important to read the label carefully to ensure that you are choosing a product that is pure and does not contain any unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients. Be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new treatment.

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Shopping for Essiac Tea


Shopping for Essiac Tea

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