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How are nano mineral particles manufactured?

Nutrinoche uses a proprietary process to make crystalline nano minerals. We begin with a mineral source which is 99.99% pure. There are no salts or proteins added to the minerals to keep them in solution. The water is tested before manufacturing to ensure it is pure distilled water. We test the solution after the manufacturing process to provide accurate mineral content. The result is a solution of pure mineral particles that are between 10-50 nanometers in size.

Where are your minerals sourced?

Nutrinoche sources our raw minerals from the United States.

What does crystalline mean?

When examined under a microscope, Nutrinoche mineral particles are seen to have a crystalline structure. By definition, all minerals have a crystal structure. Crystalline is included in the product name as a description of the product.

Why are Nutrinoche mineral solutions clear?

While other brands of minerals have a color or taste, Nutrinoche minerals do not. Because the mineral particle size is so small, your eye can not detect the color of the particles. The dilution (30 ppm -100 ppm) of such small particles in the distilled water also creates a tasteless drink. If the concentration were at a higher part per million, you would then begin to detect a taste.

What type of water do you use to manufacture minerals?

Nutrinoche uses distilled water in all our manufacturing processes.

What is the exact size of the nano particles in your products?

Each mineral varies slightly in particle size after manufacturing. Nutrinoche Silver has been tested at an average of 20 nanometers in size. Nutrinoche Copper has been tested at an average of 10 nanometers in size. All Nutrinoche minerals are under 50 nanometers in size, ensuring effective and immediate absorption in the body.

Why do you use plastic bottles?

We have found glass bottles difficult in the shipping process. Glass bottles make shipping costs higher as they are heavier, and they are much more likely to break during shipping. Nutrinoche uses High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles. HDPE bottles are strong, impact resistant and have been sanctioned by the FDA as food safe. Most importantly, HDPE plastics do not leach chemicals into the contents of the bottle.

Do you have a food license and are you GMP certified?

The Nutrinoche manufacturer complies with state and federal laws as a food establishment. Every year they are inspected and certified in free sale and good manufacturing practices.

Why are our Gallon Minerals OK in a clear bottle?

Single pure minerals will not go bad. They do not need to be stored in a dark container. Because of the way our crystalline nano minerals are manufactured, they do not require any special packaging because the mineral particles are bonded to the water molecules. Think of it as water. There are minerals in water and it is not stored in a dark container.