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Nutrinoche Nano Particle Testing

Nutrinoche Crystalline Nano Silver and Crystalline Nano Copper were tested for product authenticity.  Various electron microscopes were used (TEM, STEM) to collect images of the silver and copper particles, measure their size and look at their structure.

Analysis revealed that both minerals were crystalline in structure.  Nutrinoche Silver had an average particle size of 19.84 nano meters whereas Nutrinoche Copper's particle size averaged 9.06 nano meters. 

Some Images of Nutrinoche Crystalline Nano Silver Particles

nutrinoche nano silver particle 20 nanometers

And some images below of Nutrinoche copper particles

Nutrinoche Copper Particles 10 nanometers

Nutrinoche Copper Particle 10 nanometers

*All of our single mineral supplements are manufactured with the exact same process as the silver and copper which are shown above.