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NutriNoche Liquid Oxygen Drops Supplement - 2 Fl. Oz of Liquid Oxygen Drops

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  • FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Oxygen is crucial for the operation of your immune system, and its depletion could increase your immune system's vulnerability.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Produced in a facility compliant with cGMP standards in the USA, our liquid oxygen formula is equipped with a convenient dropper top for ease of use and undergoes rigorous quality control for your safety. If maintaining optimal health is your main goal, this supplement deserves a prominent spot in your collection!
  • BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER: Oxygen is essential for our brains to function correctly, enabling us to think and remember. By using our safe and non-toxic formula, you can enhance your brain's performance, gain mental clarity, and potentially lessen your daily stress.
  • INCREASE YOUR BLOOD OXYGEN LEVELS: Our supplement has benefited numerous individuals by boosting their energy levels and improving their overall health through increased oxygen in their bloodstream. The higher the oxygen flow in your veins, the more energetic you'll feel and the less "burned out" you will feel.
  • UNDER-TONGUE APPLICATION:Liquid oxygen has its highest effectiveness when applied under the tongue (sublingually). This approach typically works quicker than oral ingestion, as the supplement is only processed by enzymes in the saliva before it enters the bloodstream, avoiding the intense environment of bile and stomach acid in the gastrointestinal tract.