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7 Colloidal Silver Myths Busted: What They Don't Want You to Know!

by Chad Timms February 27, 2024 3 min read

7 Colloidal Silver Myths Busted: What They Don't Want You to Know! - NutriNoche

Myth #1: Higher Concentration is Superior

The common belief that a higher concentration of silver in products, such as colloidal silver supplements, guarantees superior effectiveness is a misconception that ignores the intricacies of silver's interaction with the human body.

 The assumption that more silver results in stronger antimicrobial properties oversimplifies the reality. The truth is, the efficacy and safety of silver-based products depend on a delicate balance between concentration, particle size, and silver's bioavailability.

Higher concentrations not only fail to ensure better outcomes but can also lead to potential health risks, including the disruption of the body’s absorption and functionality of essential minerals and nutrients.

Myth #2: Colloidal silver must be yellow to be considered "true colloidal silver."

Reality: The coloration of colloidal silver is influenced by the size of its nanoparticles. Larger nanoparticles exhibit a property known as Surface Plasmon Resonance, which leads them to absorb certain wavelengths of visible light, often imparting a yellow hue.

Myth #3: Making your own colloidal silver is superior.

Reality: Opting for homemade colloidal silver might seem cost-effective, but the adage "you get what you pay for" rings particularly true here.

A quick internet search can lead you to numerous colloidal silver generators that promise easy at-home production for minimal cost. However, this approach is fraught with risks.

The ability to regulate the concentration of silver accurately is severely compromised in homemade batches. Achieving uniform particle size, a critical factor for the efficacy and safety of colloidal silver, is nearly impossible with DIY methods.

Consequently, you might end up needing to consume more to match the effectiveness of professionally manufactured colloidal silver, due to the inability to consistently produce the optimal small particle size that increases surface area for better absorption and effect.

Moreover, homemade colloidal silver can result in a significantly higher and unpredictable concentration of silver, posing an increased risk of toxicity. Notably, the majority of argyria cases, a condition resulting from excessive silver intake, have been linked to the long-term use of homemade colloidal silver solutions.

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Myth #4: Colloidal silver consumption will turn my skin blue. (Alternatively: Silver is inherently toxic.)

Truth: The potential for toxicity exists with all substances, depending on the dose. The key to understanding the toxicity or safety of any substance lies in several critical factors, with concentration being paramount.

Take chlorine, for instance: it's a highly reactive and potent chemical known for its wide array of harmful effects when mishandled. Yet, it plays a crucial role in purifying global water supplies and, in combination with sodium, becomes a common component of table salt.

Like chlorine, virtually all substances, including those that make up the air we breathe, can become toxic if encountered in improper concentrations.

Myth #5: Colloidal silver is nothing more than a modern-day snake oil.

Reality: The use of silver for medicinal purposes spans thousands of years, with colloidal silver specifically being utilized since the late 19th century.

Evidence supporting the efficacy of colloidal silver is abundant, with over a century's worth of scientific and medical research confirming silver's potent antimicrobial properties across its various applications.

For further insight, refer to "120 years of Nanosilver History: Implications for Policy Makers" by Nowack et al., 2011, which highlights the extensive history and effectiveness of silver in nanotechnology and medicine.

Myth #6: Silver serves no purpose in the body and lacks medicinal benefits.

Truth: Silver is better classified as a trace mineral.

Despite assertions by some medical professionals and regulatory bodies that silver, particularly in its colloidal form, offers no health benefits or functional role within the body, Health Canada (analogous to the U.S. FDA) has categorized silver under "Trace Elements."

This classification follows an extensive review of its efficacy and safety. Trace elements, which include minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron, are vital for sustaining overall health and well-being.

Myth #7: Consuming silver could negatively affect my gut bacteria.

Truth: Silver does not disrupt the balance of species within the gut microbiome.

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan and published in Nanotoxicology (Wilding et al., 2016), the impact of both ionic and colloidal silver on the gut microbiome was examined.

The study aimed to determine if these forms of silver would alter the natural diversity of species present in the gut.

The findings revealed that the variety of species in the gut remained consistent between subjects given only water and those who received silver orally at doses 2,000 times higher than the EPA's Reference Dose for 28 days.

In contrast, a standard prescription antibiotic was shown to significantly alter the gut flora, affecting over half of the species identified.

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Chad Timms
Chad Timms

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