The BEST Colloidal Silver for Dogs, Cats and Pets.

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I had absolutely no idea what this stuff was... the only reason I decided to try this was actually for my dogs ear problem. He has an outer ear infection and lots of wax buildup NO matter how many times a week we clean his ears. He is very apprehensive of new people and wanted to try something safe before going through the entire process of having to muzzle him, calm him down with medication and such before heading to the vet... so I purchased this stuff. I did my research on it and found it to be very interesting and also safe... if it didn't work.

This stuff is amazing!!! My dogs ear is easier to clean and we have seen an improvement in just 2 days... can't wait until we are done with the other 5! We also gave a little to our chihuahua, because her breath is just something else... it helps with that too!

I'd also like to put in an extra bit of love to the seller.. I had a small issue when the bottle was received, contacted the seller and they replied rather quickly and took care of the issue! THANK YOU MUCH!

Buy a bottle, buy several... we are trying this stuff out for many different things! :)



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