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Mineral Supplements: What Are the Benefits Using of NutriNoche?

by Chad Timms June 06, 2022 3 min read

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Starting in childhood, it is impressed upon us how important proper nutrition is. But getting a complete supply of trace minerals and other vital micronutrients is difficult to achieve through diet alone. According to one study, 75-80% of Americans don't take enough fresh fruits or vegetables to meet their daily needs.

Mineral supplements have become a popular solution to make up the difference. But are essential mineral supplements right for you? To find out, let's take a closer look at multi mineral supplements, how they affect our health, and who stands to benefit from taking them.

What Are Minerals?

As a child, you might have heard reminders from your parents to take your vitamins. Indeed, "say your prayers and take your vitamins" was a common slogan touted by athletes, superheroes, and every other kid-friendly role model. What's less discussed is the importance of minerals.

Vitamins are organic compounds found in the food we eat or synthesized by our bodies. Minerals are inorganic compounds like calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

Most minerals find their way into our systems by way of fruits and vegetables. The plants draw them out of the soil and then pass them on to us when we eat them.

The problem is that, per the aforementioned study, most Americans don't get anywhere near the recommended amount of fresh produce. And mass-produced, processed alternatives make for poor replacements.

Trace minerals like iron, copper, and zinc tend to be an even bigger problem. While we need less of these minerals, they nevertheless play key roles in maintaining our health. And because they're more scarce in nature, hitting those healthy levels is more of a challenge.

Who Can Benefit from Mineral Supplements?

Who can benefit from a mineral supplement depends on the individual. Per that research report, the majority of Americans may be at risk of one or more mineral deficiencies at any time. So a multi mineral supplement is something that most of us would do well to consider.

But no two of us are alike. Depending on our age, gender, and lifestyle, we may have different needs than other individuals.

For example, anyone can develop an iron deficiency. It's a trace mineral that our bodies use to make the hemoglobin in our blood. And anyone who doesn't take in enough of it can experience what's called iron-deficiency anemia.

However, some factors make you more likely to develop iron-deficiency anemia. Women of childbearing age tend to be more susceptible. Anyone over the age of 65, or who has genetic traits that make it harder to absorb iron, may also be affected.

And that's only one example relating to a lone trace mineral. A deficiency in any can lead to thyroid problems, weakened immune systems, fatigue, or brain fog. So if any of these issues sound familiar, you may consider investing in a high quality essential mineral supplement.

The NutriNoche Difference

If you're like most Americans, it's often not practical to get all the trace minerals you need through diet alone. And once you become deficient in one or more key minerals, you can start to experience adverse impacts on your quality of life.

It's because these nutrients are so important that we pride ourselves on producing the best mineral supplement in each class. To see how we set ourselves apart, learn more about NutriNoche and our proprietary processes.

Chad Timms
Chad Timms

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