How Plant Derived Minerals can Benefit your Health

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Minerals are involved in almost every bodily activity, from the formation of healthy bones and teeth to the development of energy and immune support. Minerals are so important to our wellbeing that even minor mineral imbalances can have serious effects, ranging from poor energy to gastrointestinal problems.

Minerals cannot be synthesized by the human body because they are inorganic compounds. They must be derived from the foods we consume, which, sadly, are rich in low-quality, refined foods in our new, unhealthy diets. Many people are unable to obtain sufficient levels of these vital nutrients due to their unhealthy nutrition and mineral-depleted topsoil and crops.

Plants accumulate nutrients from the soil, which they then turn into colloids. Colloids are microscopic particles that maintain their existence when trapped in a liquid. This increases their bioavailability, or ability to be absorbed.

 Up to 78 trace minerals are available in the Organa mineral drink, which the body can consume at the cellular level. Since most mineral supplements are not obtained from plants, their effectiveness is reduced. Moreover, when having some type of supplement, bioavailability is a critical factor to remember. Since our substance is made from plants and is a liquid, the body can consume these minerals at a cellular stage, ensuring that you get the best out of your buy.

Finally, there are no fillers or binders in our substance of any kind. This is a completely natural supplement that you can trust. There are no preservatives or contaminants in this product.

Plant derived trace minerals



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