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Top 10 Benefits and Uses of Magnesium

by Chad Timms September 12, 2018 5 min read

Top 10 Benefits and Uses of Magnesium - NutriNoche

Colloidal Liquid Magnesium

Top 10 Uses and Benefits of Magnesium

Healthy living requires a bit more than diet and exercise. Sometimes, the body needs a little boost, and that’s where supplements come into play. Supplements can help the body maintain proper function, circulation, and more. There are some supplements that are better than others, which is why colloidal options are getting a lot of attention lately. These are easier to absorb, and give you a better push for healthy influence. Amidst the most important options, you’ll find colloidal magnesium can help you ensure that you’re able to gain health and wellness over time. The following are just 10 of the top benefits that come with magnesium supplementation in the body today.


Top 10 Benefits of Colloidal Magnesium:

Sleep Better

Millions of people today are struggling to get to sleep, and staying asleep. There are a lot of sleep aids that you can pursue, but few of them come without side effects. With the help of magnesium, however, you’re going to find that your evening’s sleep will be a lot easier. Natural sleep is important, because it means that you will help your body naturally, instead of using stimulants that could lead to damaging cells and lead to dependency etc.

Boost Energy Naturally

Just like you can get a bit of help with sleep, you can also get a helping hand with energy. Natural energy is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Caffeine, and other stimulants can help with a good push of energy, but there are downsides to using stimulants. Boosting your body’s natural energy can help with metabolic spikes, and even thwart exhaustion. It can help manage heart rate, circulation, and neural health as well.

Help Muscle Recovery

One of the issues that healthy individuals may face is difficulty recovering from workouts. Muscle aches, pains, and stress points in the muscle can be difficult to manage. Helping muscle recovery can be tough, but with the help of magnesium supplements, you’ll find that pain relief can be found with ease. This supplement helps with relaxing muscles gently, and recovering through helping the body use magnesium properly.

Alleviate Joint Pain

Joint pain can cause a great deal of issues. It can be hard to walk, it can cause pressure, and even sleeplessness. You can reach for over the counter medications in hopes for relief, but you’ll find that it wears off in a few hours. Alleviating pain is one of the benefits of getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals, which is what magnesium can help with. It helps with lubricating joints, and can help slowly alleviate joint pressure and pain naturally.

Look Younger (Skin Care)

Supplementing magnesium helps with skin care. It can help hydrate cells and create cell elasticity along areas that can get fine lines and wrinkles. Looking younger is a matter of hydration, easing the burden of the cell walls of the dermis, and more. Magnesium helps with this, and produces natural collagen which helps the body utilize nutritional compounds to look younger. Moisturizing skin cells is not just about topical solutions, you can help from the inside out, which is what this colloidal supplement does.

Assist Blood Pressure

Amidst one of the most important benefits of this supplement comes through with blood pressure. Improving blood pressure is one of the keys to longevity, and heart health. When your heart isn’t pumping as hard, and is at normal rates, circulation improves, muscle weakness subsides, and energy levels increase. Magnesium helps with transporting blood as it eases pressure, and helps create effective results for movement, and beyond. Your heart is the life of your body, and alleviating pressure is a good thing, which is why colloidal supplementation is so important.

Strengthen Bones

If you are taking calcium, or consume dairy on a regular basis, you’ll want to add magnesium to your body. Magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D work together to increase blood flow to the body’s vital organs. They also team up to help with healthy joints, muscle, and strengthen bones, and teeth. When you have an imbalance across these three elements, the body can succumb to pressure points, weaken bone density, and cause pain in the joints and muscles. Magnesium supplements help calcium and vitamin D take on new roles, and effectively support the body in many ways.

Mood Enhancement

Mood issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and irritability are hard to deal with on a regular basis. However, with improved health comes help. Colloidal magnesium has been found to help with mood naturally. It helps with nervous system support, and the release of serotonin in the brain. This helps with balancing hormone levels, and helping during times of stress. It regularly supports brain function, so that you’re calm when normally you’d be stressed out or dealing with heightened mood. It also assists with oxygen transport, so that you can breathe easier, without worry.

Improving Brain Function (Memory, Cognitive Function)

Instead of reaching for NSAIDS for headache relief, you may need a boost in your magnesium levels. Studies have shown that the body reacts to deficiencies of this mineral through headaches. Migraines have been found to diminish with the aid of colloidal supplements, including magnesium. Since is supports brain function, it can also help with circulation in the blood vessels in the cranium, brain, and upper respiratory system. All of these can help with relieving headaches, and reversing the frequency and pressure associated with migraines in general.

Improve Migraines

Last but not least, you’ll find that calcium assists with assisting the nervous system. The nerves in the body require a great deal of nutrition to keep mental health, and wellness. Damage to this system can cause chronic pain, and much more. To alleviate headaches, muscle pain, joint movement, and more, requires a bit of help overall. This supplement pushes homeostasis in the nervous system and helps keep things moving forward with relative ease. Add vitamin D as well, and you could very well stave off nerve damage in the eyes, brain, feet, and hands.
Overall, you’ll find that the benefits mentioned above come with support from colloidal magnesium. Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and dieting are not enough. You may need to bridge the nutritional gap with just a little help from this mineral, to aid with the above benefits and beyond. 

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Chad Timms
Chad Timms

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